As part of our Building Commissioning Program, TestMarcx is proud to continue our TEAMwork by providing the B.E.S.T. Problem Solving Process (aka: CSI - Complaint Scene Investigation training).

The B.E.S.T. Problem Solving Process is a highly interactive training that teaches participants critical thinking and problem solving skills, by focusing on the operation and interconnectivity of building SYSTEMS. Our training emphasizes the “big picture,” and uses the CSI metaphor to illustrate the importance of problem solving and fact finding.

Competent CSI personnel know the proper methods, procedures, and tools to gather evidence in order to solve system problems. It’s no different for facilities personnel trying to solve a building complaint (e.g; “It’s hot in the conference room!”).

We believe that all of us working together can produce and maintin optimal building performance. This add-on training service encourages facility personnel to question and clarify issues and to creatively investigate building systems as a team.


B.E.S.T. participants are surveyed before training to:

- Determine their learning styles

- Determine their level of knowledge

- Offer different levels of courses based on participants’ knowledge and unique needs

- Teach participants to effectively respond to complaints by
solving the Problem, not fixing the Symptom.