What is Cx?

ship_200 cranesHistorically, the term "commissioning" referred to the process that ensured a ship was seaworthy and ready for service. In later years, the term migrated to land and was commonly used in construction and engineering to refer to the process of testing and balancing the HVAC systems of a building, according to established standards, before acceptance by the building owner.

Commissioning is a Quality-Assurance Process that:

The TMCx Commissioning Process Includes:

We understand the integrated nature of building systems. It's our job to evaluate these systems' impact on your building. You get better sustainability, higher productivity, increased safety and security.


TMCx Solutions is an independent engineering firm exclusively dedicated to comprehensive building commissioning and related consulting services. You'll find us on the job site as an integral part of your team. When we're finished with your project, it is DONE done - optimized, fine-tuned to your intent, and ready to service your tenants!